Saturday, 11 September 2010

* Fresh new Frenchie's vintage dresses and skirts *

 As my dislike for high street prices grows each day, it makes my job even more satisfying being able to sell affordable fashion - affordable original fashion that you can treasure for a very long time. Instead of spending stupid amounts of your hard earned cash on very mainstream dresses/skirts/tops etc and feeding our throw away culture - Why not find original, creative, one-off and cherishable pieces that you will never see anyone else wearing, (it's all yours! and only yours!) and for a fraction of the price!

We're not greedy, we do our best to keep our prices down (and were not one of those who call it affordable, when actually, its still quite expensive) it may be affordable to someone who earns a lot of money, but it's not always possible to spoil yourself on a very tight budget. We know because we have been there! We respect and understand our customers. Theres no artificial smile, no-one to tell us to hit our targets or open more store cards! We do what we do because we want to, and because we know everyone deserves to feel good and own something special and not feel pressured into a sale.

We have re-worked and re-freshed some old 80's classics into lovely new skirts and dresses that are original and one-off. You won't find another skirt or dress like it anywhere on the high street - and in the extremely unlikely event that you do, Frenchie's can guarantee ours would be a fraction of the price.