Sunday, 21 February 2010


we are all confirmed to be at the new leicester vintage fair on april 10th 2010 and after our success of the affordable vintage fashion fair last weekend in leicester we are looking forward to spreading some more toasty love in the city again :D

hope you can all make it, its going to be brilliant! details are in the previous post, where you can also find a link to the leicester vintage fair on facebook to find out even more :)


yep, thats right we are in the process of booking into a brand new event in Leicester on April 10th 2010 which sounds like it will be a goodun!
as mentioned previously, we are to be attending the Affordable Vintage Fair in Leicester on March 7th, but we will return a mere month later with Leicester Vintage to spread some more French Toast vintage and handmade crumbs all over leicester once again!
Visit the Leicester Vintage events page on facebook for more details of whats happening - there is even speak of an after party but details are yet to be confirmed (facebook should be able to explain a bit more!) .php?eid=478432525709
we hope to see you all at the fairs to feed you a toastie treat ;)